Spring's Happy Oil Life
Spring's Happy Oil Life
Spring Davison

Welcome to Spring's Happy Oil Life

Oil Up Buttercup!

About Spring

I am a homeschool mom that loves to take photos, teach about essential oils, sit on the porch, listen to the rain, read a good book in a day, and enjoy a movie with my family. I also love to dig into the science behind the oils and share the latest excitement. 

I love giving Samples! If you are serious about getting started with natural solutions: Decide what health challenge you need help with you want, then click on the EMAIL, send me your address and  phone number. I will respond to give you some options! 

EMAIL or TEXT me to have a 30 minute Oil Chat~

Or join me here to go through a self guided online OIL EXPERIENCE PARTY

(just click the oil experience party words to join!)

If you are looking for someone to design your own Mighty Networks Community, please email me to book a one hour consultation HERE.

What is this community all about?

If you are ready to jump in and get your oils, scroll down to see all the kits!

Using oils is pretty simple and tons of fun! If you have never used them and want to jump into a fun Oil Experience Party, CLICK HERE!

After you go thro the party, send me a message! I will help you figure what you need and get these amazing tools into your hands. Then, come inside our community for all the education and hands on tips, DIY recipes, videos, and oil chats that you could ever want! 

Science: I teach on that too! It is important to know how oils work in your body. 

Hands On: You will become confidant in your knowledge and what to use and when! 

Library: This community is a library of in depth and hands on education. 

Events: I have monthly oil usage challenges, weekly Oil Chats, Business classes, and focused education like skin care with oils, and dealing with emotions with oils. Come on in and sit awhile! 

Here are diffuser recipes for JUNE! come back here every month to download the months blends! Simply click on the graphic, and save to camera roll! 

How to get Oils into Your home.

Browse thru, pick the one that you need, and click the pic of the kit you like to order! If you get stuck, send me an EMAIL! OR a TEXT! After you get your kit, you will get a series of wellness consultations with me, to teach you how to use your oils! 

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