What are Essential Oils?


Essential oils are the naturally occurring volatile compounds found in the different parts of plants. 

What is that you ask? Basically, the "peppermint smell" when you crush a leaf, is the essential oil of the peppermint plant. Poke your nose in a rose? That wonderful scent is the aromatic oil of the rose! Oils are a plants protection, and they play a major role in pollination. 

They have been around for thousands of years used in food preparation, beauty treatments, and health care practices. We use these oils for a wide range of emotional and physical benefits. When used properly, they give us a beautiful balance in all of our body systems. 

There are 3 main ways to use essential oils. 

Aromatic: Diffusion is a simple yet powerful way to use the oils. Put a drop of the essential oil in your palm, rub them together and then cup hands over your nose and breathe deeply! You have just experienced oils aromatically! You can also place a drop on a cotton ball and place under your pillow or or in the vent of your car.  So good! 

  • Cleans and freshens the air.

  • improves mood

  • boosts your immune system

Topical: This is one of the most effective ways to support your body systems. Placing the oils right where you need them. They are lipid soluble and therefore can easily penetrate the skin. *Use 1-2 drops of your desired EO (essential oil) with a drop of fractionated coconut oil and apply to any of these areas:

  • bottoms of feet (one of the best!)

  • back of neck

  • down the spine

  • area where you need support

Internal: Taking oils internally is a beautiful way to help support your body from the inside. You can see a physician or aromatherapist for further guidance if you need. Here are some ways to enjoy them internally:

  • put a drop in water and drink

  • under the tongue

  • in a vege capsule

  • helps support the digestive system and overall health. 

Here are some of our basic oils that we use every day! Click on each oil to read some quick tips on usage.

Cool down, soothe those head tensions, tell tummy to be nice!
Calm down skin, and relax body!
Clean your home, sticky mess, no streak windows, detox your body, kind of wonderful in a bottle!
On Guard
Move over micro organisms... we are well guarded here!
Deep Blue
Be gone, sore and tired muscles!
King of the Oils, anti inflammatory, Immune support!
The "I ate too much my tummy hurts” oil to soothe any tummy issues.
Tea Tree
Make my face and hair beautiful! and tons of other uses!
Take a deep breath of this so you CAN breathe! See ya Seasonal threats!
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